Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow-Bound, But God Unbound

It’s been an interesting couple of days, guess that’s no surprise to anyone on the East Coast who’s experienced the snow storm of the last couple of days.  Should have guessed it was going to be a different kind of weekend when I saw this snowman who mysteriously appeared outside the church late Thursday evening.Snowman Not sure who’s responsible, but it brought a smile to my face on Friday morning just as it started to snow.

Life doesn’t stop just because of the weather, even a storm like this.  Our church family has been pretty active over the last couple of days.

We participate in a ministry called WARM and for a week at a time a group of about 15 homeless people are guests at our church.  Tomorrow night was supposed to be the beginning of our week, but because of the storm we started on Friday.  The call went out for volunteers  and within a day we had all the volunteers we needed. As a result all of our guests are warm, safe and dry.

We’ve had people at the hospital, people under Hospice care, people needing rides to work – and our church manages to rally around them like a church at its best.  One of the reasons I’m excited about 2010 is because I see all of the ways the people of First Saints answer God’s call to be the children He created us to be

The snow has shut some things down, but God just can’t be contained.  I’m snowbound at my house, but God is unbound!

Morning worship tomorrow has been cancelled, but we’ve got a couple of things in the works.  First, there is a Bible Study on Spiritual Gifts that we’re posting with a link on the First Saints Home Page.  If you would like to gather as a family or in a small group with some neighbors, we’re encouraging you to do that. 

Second, worship is central to our church community and it’s been a couple of Sundays since all of us were together.  So we’re having a “make-up” service on Tuesday night at our St. Paul’s campus at 7:30 featuring music, the Word and communion.

We won’t have the opportunity to gather together for worship tomorrow, but I thought I’d take the chance to thank the people of God at First Saints for being the people of God.