Saturday, August 22, 2009

How Much?

I read a number of blogs and over the last couple of weeks the posts I've read raise a question in my mind I'd like to pose. "How much honesty is a good idea?"

First, let me say that honesty and openness is a good thing. I value it in my friendships and relationships. I work for it when it seems as though we're willing to settle for less (which is far too often). I also believe that its something we have too little of; especially in "church world." In the church it seems that we are willing to be less than honest in an effort to preserve relationships and avoid the appearance of conflict in the church - often with disastrous results.

Having said that ... is there such a thing as sharing too much; too much honesty? Too much openness? How much do you really want to know? It's important that you understand that I'm a pastor and yes, I'm also human; but how far does that go? How open is too open?

If I'm ready to quit and join the circus, do you really want to know? If it's all going off the rails and I'm not sure what to do? If God's feeling distant and I'm struggling with my faith?

And if I don't share those moments of struggle and pain, does that make me dishonest? Does that mean I'm being disingenuous?

Understand, I will always put a big part of myself into this and everything that I do. I'm just not sure how to do it any other way. But I do wonder from time to time where to draw the line and (sometimes) whether to draw the line at all. There's a part of all of this that's wrapped up in others' expectations and much that's caught up in my own.

For good or ill I am who I am - how much of that you care to hear is the question.


[-- Important! BTW - I'm fine. It's all good. Not struggling. Not ready to quit or join the circus just yet!]