Thursday, February 3, 2011

Scenes from an Italian (Panera) Restaurant

Had the occasion to spend some time in a couple of different restaurants over the last couple weeks. When you are in a place like Panera and there are people and conversations happening all around you and sometimes people are only a couple of feet away, there’s no way you can expect that your conversation is private. Especially when you’re talking at the top of your lungs!

P1: [in Liberty University sweatshirt] I really wanted him to go there. I just wanted to know that when he wasn’t home someone else was watching over him when I wasn’t there. It’s scary.
P2: So he likes it?
P1: He seems to. But it doesn’t matter. I like it and he’s getting a good education too.
P2: Ok.
P1: They check his room a couple times a week. Make sure its neat, makes his bed. They can’t ground him, but they give him demerits. And when he gets demerits, I find out.

Man 1: There are two of them. They’re both really small.
Man 2: How small is small?
Man 1: One is about 40 and the other is about 25. She said she rarely gets more than that. They’ve been about that for years and years.
Man 2: Huh.
Man 1: Yeah. They can’t pay her and they can barely pay their bills. But they’re never going to close those two churches. They can’t.
Man 2: Why not?
Man 1: They’re almost 200 hundred years old. You can’t just shut down churches that are that old – no matter what. No matter what happens you have to keep them open.

Her: Really?
Her: Really!
Her: No way?
Her: Way!
Her: Huh!
Her: Yup.
Her: Done?
Her: I guess.
Her: So…?
Her: I dunno.
Her: Huh.
Her: Yup.

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