Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seeing and Savoring Jesus – Appearing

There are five major doctrines that are embedded in the story of Jesus. And no; doctrine is not a bad word.

The Virgin Birth
The Crucifixion
The Resurrrection
The Ascension
The Second Coming

Curiously, Piper deals with each one except the Ascension and I’m not surprised. The Ascension is one of the least explored elements of Jesus’ life; at least in terms of its relevance and importance.

This chapter deals with the second coming – a popular topic of my church growing up but not so much on the radar these days. But its one worth lingering over.

There will come a time of Jesus’ appearing. A time when human history will draw toward its close. A time when God will directly intervene again in our destiny. A time when God will, in essence, say “enough is enough.”

Growing up, this was always presented as a moment of validation. A time for a cosmic “we win!” When Christians are finally vindicated for their belief and their faithfulness. A time for Jesus to show the full force of the power of God and claim (enjoy!) final victory.

This is not primarily a moment of triumph. First and foremost, it is a moment of glory. At this second coming, the complete glory of Jesus will be revealed. The One who has the power of death and hell is defeated. Those who live in slavery to sin are delivered. The dead in Christ are raised.

But most of all – faith is swallowed up by sight. Believing will be replaced by knowing. Because the glory of Christ is revealed. In 2 Timothy it says that on That Day it will all be about “his appearing.” His Glory.

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