Saturday, August 31, 2013

Are You Ready For a Food Fight?

Tomorrow at First Saints Community Church we kick-off our Football Food Drive. Non-perishable food donations are your "vote" for your favorite team. There are boxes in the lobby to vote for the WORLD CHAMPION RAVENS or the Redskins. There is also a box for football fans who vote for other teams and a 4th box for people who want to donate, but aren't football fans at all. We are accepting donations through Sunday, September 23rd. 1 pound of food = 1 vote. Let's see which "team" comes out on top!

We’re starting this because the Food Pantry at First Saints is a little bare. food pantry bare.We’ve seen an increase of about 25% in the last two months in the number of people who are guests at the Soup Kitchen and take home food from the food pantry. Even our area schools are seeing a noticeable increase in the number of students living below the poverty line in our area. We’ve been given a great opportunity to help out, but we need the food to do it!

So that’s the idea behind the Football Food Drive.

And just to make it interesting here's a personal challenge from me to all of the REDSKINS fans! This is your home territory; your backyard! You should win easily. And it's no secret I'm .. *ahem* ... less than a Redskins fan. So, here's what I will do... If the Redskins win the Football Food Drive - I will wear a Redskins jersey in worship the following Sunday. I'll make it my Facebook profile picture for the entire NFL season.

But there's more! If the REDSKINS collect more food than all of the other teams COMBINED - I will become a REDSKINS fan for the 2013 NFL season. I will root for your team, say nice things about them on Facebook and Twitter every week (I will even post something nice about Dan Snyder!).

Football Food FightIt's all up to you REDSKINS fans. Do you have it in you? How much do you love your team really? Is it on? The next few weeks will tell.



~ Pastor John

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