Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Be Like the Saints

“I am not a saint.” A lot of us could probably echo this same sentiment – I don’t feel much like a saint. In spite of the fact that believers are saints – people who have been called to holiness – it’s not a label we usually use. If we do use it, it becomes a colloquialism; “My wife’s a saint.”

We are saints. In spite of the way we feel, God’s work in us through Christ means that we are saints. We are people called to holiness, to live holy lives. We are set apart by God for spiritual purposes. I think it’s easy to lose sight of our “sainthood” because we fall into the trap of seeing sainthood as something we do – through our actions, through the way we live. In reality, it’s something we become by the grace of God – through the unmerited favor of a loving God. “Saint” is who we are and because we are saints, something about our actions changes. The way we live is profoundly affected.

Living like saints means living as though our relationship to Christ really matters. Before we act, before we move, before we speak out against injustice; we begin with a simple, trusting faith. It’s not what we do so much as whose we are that makes us saints.

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