Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Advent Devotions – For you, for your family.

I’ve been using YouVersion for almost a year now. YouVersion is a Bible App for your smartphone that has a load of different versions, a great search function, allows you to bookmark favorite passages and even lets you post directly from the app to Facebook or Twitter.

One of the features that I like best is the different Bible reading plans that they have developed (or that others have developed and made available). Some are all year long plans, others are shorter. Some are seasonal.

It’s those seasonal plans that prompt this post. There are some great reading plans on YouVersion for the Christmas season. Even if you don’t have a phone with YouVersion, you can still go to their website and look up the daily readings on your computer.

Here are some Christmas reading plans you might want to check out:

If you are looking for some ways to focus on devotions as a family between now and Christmas, check out the Countdown to Christmas Plan. It’s a 29 day plan that includes daily activities for children that coincide with the readings. You and your kids will enjoy this! Start this one today so you can get all of the readings and activities in before Christmas.

Another plan that you’ll want to start right away is Christmas Begins with Christ. It’s a 28 day plan that focuses on bringing us back to Jesus and the light, joy, peace and hope he brings for all of us.

Another option is the Rediscovering the Christmas Season plan. This plan starts on December 1 and includes questions as well as action steps to center each day on Christ. It would work for individuals, families and small groups.

A personal favorite is a plan called Carols: A Christmas Devotional. It’s also 25 days and explores some familiar Christmas Carols born from the joy of Christ entering the world. Rediscover the reason some of these songs are classics.

Just some suggestions for how you and your Bible and your faith might intersect over the next few weeks.


P.S. – Find out more about all of these and other reading plans at www.youversion.com.

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