Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Dayenu. It would have been enough.

What does it take to satisfy me? How much does God have to bless me before my appetite to fill my own desires is sated? Is it ever enough?

I’m so focused on my wants that I lose track of all that God has already done to bless me.

If God had just preserved my family through difficult years and not brought us to faith – Dayenu.

If God had only led me to a church and not surrounded me with people who loved me and discipled me – Dayenu.

If God had left me where I was and not called me into ministry – Dayenu.

If God stopped watching over me today and I lived the rest of my life without another blessing – Dayenu.

Can I pray those things with integrity? Can any of us? When I can, I’ve reached that place where faith takes over and my strivings become insignificant. Dayenu is a word I want to remember this Lent. Truly, if it all ran aground today … Dayenu.

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