Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Home - in Hebrews 11

Now, I’ve read this chapter before; but today? Wow! Lots and lots jumped off the page. So much in just a few verses, I could probably do a series of posts. *Hmmmmm.*

In verses 8-9 God is calling Abraham. He is “called to go,” but the verse makes it clear – “Even though he did not know where he was going.” He is ready to go where he is sent even though he doesn’t have any idea where that will be. Unsettling? Yes. But it also says that when Abraham got to the place God showed him that he “made his home” there.

Remarkable. Go where I tell you to go. But, I haven’t told you where that is just yet. Start walking and then I’ll tell you. And when you get there … that’s home. Make it home.

I wonder how many of us are someplace, somewhere – but not home? Even though its where God wants us to be, where God has called us to be, we haven’t made it home. We want where we are to be temporary. We are waiting for God to make a better offer. We can’t really enjoy where we are because we’re too busy looking for the next thing. We haven’t made it home.

Stop waiting and start living. God led you there, God’s with you there. Relax, okay? “You’re home.”

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