Monday, November 22, 2010

Christ the King

Thinking today about the Kingdom of God – on the day following the celebration of Christ the King Sunday …

“What we are watching for is a party and that party is not just down the street making up its mind when to come to us. It’s already hiding in our basement, banging on our steam pipes and laughing its way up to our cellar stairs. The unknown day and hour of its finally bursting into the kitchen and roistering its way through the whole house is not dreadful, it is all part of the divine lark of grace. It is not our mother-in-law coming to see whether her wedding present china has been chipped. He is a funny old uncle with a salami under one arm and a bottle of wine in the other. We do indeed need to watch for him but only because it would be such a pity to miss all the fun.” ~ Robert Farrar Capon.

In another context he says this about analogies like the one above: “It is, I grant you, a crass analogy; but crass analogies are the safest.”

~ Godspeed

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