Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sacred Space – Through Advent and Christmas

Beginning Sunday, November 28th (tomorrow) and lasting through thesacred space Christmas Season; First Saints Community Church will be reflecting on devotions from Sacred Space. We have copies available for free: you can pick one up at worship tomorrow!

As a church body, we’ve done Advent and Lenten devotionals together before and it was a great experience. All of us reading the same piece of Scripture and reflecting on the same themes has led to some wonderful moments. We’ve learned a lot about God and about one another as we’ve shared our stories and our insights from the readings. This Advent & Christmas devotional promises to bring us all together in the same way. It encourages us to find “sacred space” during Advent so that we can hear God’s voice. And any place can be sacred space with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Each day provides something to think and pray about: Invite the presence of God into your day; allow the Spirit to enter your consciousness; allow the Word of God to lead you into the Scriptures; have a conversation with the Creator.

Every other day or so, I’ll be posting my thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. Add your own impressions as God enters your life and makes sacred space.

Pick up the book at worship this week.

~ Godspeed

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