Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gaps & Silences

I’ve been wondering why its so hard for me to get into any kind of rhythm with the postings on this blog. It’s not for lack of anything to talk about! There are plenty of things that cross my mind throughout the day and I think, “What a great post that would be.”

In fact, that may be a large part of the problem right there. There are lots of ideas, but I’ve observed over these last couple of months that opinions and ideas aren’t really welcome. We’ve just come through an election cycle that’s been as ruthless as any since Andrew Jackson’s. But even on a personal level, things are venomous. The simplest Facebook status or posting can quickly degenerate into a howling, screaming mess. I’ve been as guilty of this as the next person.

Opinions and ideas are fine as long as they meet one of two criteria. 1-They are the same as the person who reads them or; 2- You keep them to yourself. We’ve lost any sense that we can have different opinions about important things and still be friends, still be brothers and sisters in Christ, and still love one another (in the best sense of that word).

So, read into that what you will. For lack of courage … for lack of energy … for lack of a desire to join the fray … for all those reasons and more, I’ve backed way off on the posting.

Reminded of the words of Proverbs 18:2, I still find myself posting. Hopefully with a bit of humility. Hopefully with a bit of passion.

… you’ll hear from me again soon.

~ Godspeed

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Missy said...

It's hard to share from your heart when you know that someone might come out and say something venomous that will stab your soul - I don't think that's an exaggeration some of the time, when we lay things out and speak from our hearts. We're all brothers and sisters and siblings aren't carbon copies of one another. We all have one Father, but we're all different people, and we should be able to manage to love one another in spite of our differences... right?