Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stomping on the Promises

Are you committed to the Promises of God or to the Person of God?

The answer to that question is an important one. It reveals much about our relationship to Christ and how we approach our day-to-day life as a disciple. The difference between the two commitments is huge!

If you are committed to the Promises of God, then you are focused on God fulfilling your purposes. The Promises of God are true and dependable but, they aren’t the focus. If they are  then you’re focused on what God can do for you – and that’s the wrong focus. They aren’t the reason to follow. They aren’t the driving force behind discipleship.

If you are committed to the Person of God, then you are focused on fulfilling God’s purposes. The focus shifts away from you and toward God (where it belongs!) – that’s the right focus.

Acts (13:36) says that David “served God’s purpose in his own generation.” That’s our calling, too. Yours and mine. We are to “serve God’s purpose.” God isn’t here to serve ours and when we put God’s promises above God’s person we get a lot of life confused.

A lot is happening right now in my life and my family that I don’t like; things that I’d prefer I not have to deal with. At times, I’ve found myself waving God’s promises in His face – not “standing on the promises,” more like "Hey, God you owe me!”

It’s good to be reminded that its not about me – a lesson I’ve learned before but one that’s easily forgotten. It’s about God and God’s purposes. When I get that right a lot of others things find their right place.

So life can bring whatever it wants to bring.

~ Godspeed

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