Friday, November 26, 2010

Grown-Up Christmas List

My 11-year old just gave my wife and I his Christmas list. He said he only included the things he “really needed.” Simply put: Best Christmas List Ever!

  1. 1. Star Wars Lego.
  2. 2. Motor Scooter.
  3. 3. Nerf Gun.
  4. 4. Mind Flex Game.
  5. 5. Anti-Matter.
  6. 6. Cash.
  7. 7. Avatar DVD .
  8. 8. New Bike.
  9. 9. Naruto Figures.
  10. 10. Cell Phone.
  11. 11. Laptop.
  12. 12. Nerf Bullets.
  13. 13. Air Soft AK-47 Machine Gun.
  14. 14. Night Vision Goggles.
  15. 15. New Bed.

Needless to say, I had some questions. And needless to say, he had answers.

  1. 1. “Star Wars. And. Lego. (‘Nuff said)”
  2. 2. “I need a motor scooter because my regular scooter and my bike are too much work.”
  3. 5. “It could be fun.”
  4. 10 & 11. “Everyone at school ….” [You know the rest.]
  5. 14. “They’re just cool.” [I figure he needs them to walk to the bus in the dark at 6:15 a.m.]
  6. 15. “Because the old bed is OLD.”

It’s been a long time since I put together a Christmas list. I don’t NEED anything and as each year passes I find that I WANT less. So much of what I WANT I already have.

It’s still a few weeks off, but what would your Christmas list look like? Full of things you WANT or full of things you NEED? Are there dreams on that list? Some wild visions? Some things that “could be fun?”



Anonymous said...

John, you've got one cool son! I loved his list. It must be a guy thing.

But on a serious note, I fully resonate with what you're saying, that the older I get and the closer to Christ I get, the less "stuff" I find myself wanting. Every year, my mother asks me for my Christmas list, and every year, I look forward to that question less and less. This year, I told her, "Hey, about plane tickets so Blairlee and I can come down and spend some time with you." We'll see what Santa ends up delivering... :-)


Probally A lot Of Wants...Even Though I Know Others Else Where Could Use More Than I Do.