Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day (Sacred Space-December 25)

Luke 2:1-14

When we began reading Sacred Space at the beginning of Advent, my hope was that it would be an awakening experience for many of the people at my church. That God would use these times of quiet study and prayer to touch the lives of our people and bring to new life a devotion to Christ.

I believe that for some that has happened. I saw it on faces during our Christmas Eve services yesterday.

It has also awakened something in me. It has been the calmest Advent in awhile. The same activities. The same “busy-ness.” Some unexpected challenges. But less hectic. Less frenetic. There’s been “sacred space” in the days this Advent. I give God thanks for that. I’ve enjoyed this Advent season more than many.

It’s proven to me that Christmas, True Christmas, isn’t lost and that its still possible to "keep Christmas well.” I’m already looking forward to Epiphany. 2011. And next Advent.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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