Thursday, December 9, 2010

John (Sacred Space - December 9th)

Matthew 11:11-15

The Presence of God – I’ve had more time this week to “dwell for a moment on God’s life-giving presence.” A busy week but, a lot of time in the car and that becomes reflection time: listening to music or other preachers on my iPod. Amazing what you and God can talk about while you’re driving!

Freedom – Tuesday was the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. It’s believed that there are only about 200 sailors who survived the attack still alive. They are in their 80’s and 90’s now. I had a chance meeting with one of them in Frederick a few years ago and spent an hour or so in a McDonald’s listening to him talk. It was fascinating.

“God is not foreign to our freedom.” He breathes life into us by the Holy Spirit and freedom is one of the first things he gives us: freedom to choose. Christmas is a choice; we have the freedom to embrace Christ’s Christmas or choose a cheap substitute.

Consciousness – Even in the middle of “busy-ness” there can be a sense of calm. It’s something to seek and out and enter into. It has to be an intentional creation.

The Word – I love John the Baptist - for obvious reasons! He plays the role of Herald in the Gospel stories. He prepares the way. I was reminded yesterday that I have the privilege of not only preparing myself, but of helping others prepare for Christ’s coming (thanks, Jim). How awesome is that?

Conversation – Yesterday, my conversation was mostly one-sided. I did most of the talking. I hope that  today’s conversation is also mostly one-sided. Where I do most of the listening.

Conclusion“Lord, show me how to make this world better, to prepare myself and others for your Coming.”

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