Thursday, December 23, 2010

We May Know Too Much (Sacred Space – December 23)

Luke 1:57-66

The Presence of God – One of the names given to Jesus in the Nativity story is Immanuel. It means God with us; God’s presence with us. Slow down and think about that for a second: God is with us. Not just in some abstract sense or some spiritual sense, but God is with us in the flesh. You could reach out and touch him. Hold his hand. Bump up against him. That alone should drive you to your knees.

Freedom – To think that there is freedom in being a servant of God. This walk of faith is full of paradoxes. Jesus is called Savior because he saves his people from their sins. But he is called Lamb of God because he is crucified for our sins. Lamb and Savior? Salvation and Sacrifice.

Consciousness – The King is almost come. Just another couple of days. And then we will hail the heaven-born Prince of Peace.

The Word – All of these names for the Son of God in the Nativity story. Jesus. King. Lamb of God. Immanuel. Prince of Peace. Each reveals something to us about who Jesus is and what kind of Savior he will be. Names reveal so much. They become something of who you are. And at the same time something of who you will be. Jesus was King, Immanuel, Prince of Peace and Son of God. He lived into King, Savior and Lamb of God.

ConversationWe may know too much. Familiarity doesn’t breed contempt. It breeds unfamiliarity. I worry that because we know the story so well (or do we?) and because these names and titles of Jesus are so commonplace in Christian circles that they have lost their power. Is Jesus still King? Is he still Prince of Peace? Do we really understand what it means when we declare him Son of God? Perhaps our biggest problem isn’t our ignorance. Perhaps our biggest problem is that we have just enough knowledge to believe that we know enough.

Conclusion – Lord Jesus, May our heads and our hearts collide in a glorious collision.

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