Friday, December 10, 2010

No winning! (Sacred Space – December 10th)

Matthew 11:16-19

The Presence of God – It’s been quiet around here for the last couple of days. How that works with two boys running around the house, I’m not sure. There have been some “loud” moments (God speaking) in that silence. Thank you, God.

Freedom – These verses say something about our freedom and the God who gave it to us. We’re free; even to make the wrong choices.

Consciousness – The reflection that follows the reading takes an interesting turn today; a challenge to consider people’s actions more than their words.

The Word – And yet, in Matthew 11, it was the actions of John and Jesus that were in question. Not their words. When I read these verses I see one of those “no win situations” that we often find ourselves in. John came without fanfare, not eating or drinking and they accused him of having a demon. Jesus came eating and drinking and they accused him of being a glutton and a drunk. Sometimes you just can’t win!

Conversation – What do you do in a “no-win situation?” You do what you know is right! There is really no such thing as a “no-win situation.” If you do what the Lord asks you to do, then you “win.” Regardless of what others may say. Even if you’re biggest critics are the good religious folks.

Conclusion – Going out to get our Christmas tree tonight. Cantata tomorrow. Will be a great weekend, I think!

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